Pakistan Bokhara

More than 500 years ago, the Persians invaded Indo-Pak sub-continent from the northwest, bringing with them their most treasured possessions, their meticulously handcrafted rugs. Over time, this mingling of cultures gave birth to carpets with their own unique themes, delicate patterning and vivid palette of colours. Today, handmade carpets are produced in different cities in Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, among many others. considerably less expensive than other rugs of this genre, they are ideal for virtually every room in your home.

These Fine Rugs and Carpets are made with 100% Marino wool

Available in most sizes and colours

5x3 ft  ( 1.52x.91 ) = £225    6x4 ft  (1.83x1.22 )= £395     9x6 ( 2.71x1.83 ) = £995    10x8 ( 3.05x2.44 )=  £1195     12x9  ( 3.66x2.72 ) =£1995